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What Construction Cleaners Do

Construction cleaners work for commercial and residential clients to clean new spaces after the construction crew has finished. They scrub walls, windows and floors, wipe down cabinets and appliances and polish stonework like marble and granite.

The cleaning process is usually divided into three phases. They are the rough clean, the light clean and finally the deep clean. The rough clean is where the cleaning crew is scouring through the house to make sure that there is nothing large that is left behind in the home. They will be removing debris from around the home such as caulking, paint overspray, and adhesive residue.

They will also be cleaning all of the window frames and lights so that they are free from any kind of dust or debris. They will be sweeping and vacuuming the floors, as well.

After the cleaning is completed, the next step that the cleaners will do is to sanitize the kitchen and bathroom area. They will be sanitizing these areas so that the whole family can come and use them without any germs present on the surfaces.

These workers clean all of the doors and windows on the property as well. They will also be cleaning the outdoor sidewalks and patio areas.

They should be using cleaning products that are suited for the type of materials they are working with. This is because some materials are more sensitive than others and can be damaged by the wrong chemicals.

This is important for the safety of the people who are in the construction project and for the people that will be stepping on the shards of glass. This will ensure that the cleaning is done safely and effectively.

Once the light cleaning phase is complete, the team will be able to move on to the deep clean. They will be able to remove all of the fingerprints, stains, and smudges that have been created on all of the surfaces in the home.

In addition to these things, the crew will be able to wash down all of the furniture in the home as well. This will ensure that the entire place is cleaned properly so that everyone can enjoy the newly constructed area.

The final step that the cleaning crew will do is to sanitize all of the carpeted areas in the home. This will ensure that the entire floor is completely clean and that no stains or dirt are present on it.

This will be a very important step as it is the final part of the entire construction cleanup. It will ensure that the entire project is fully taken care of and that all of the messes are removed so that people can get to work on the renovations as quickly as possible.

The post-construction cleaning process is a complicated one and requires the skills and expertise of professional cleaners. These cleaners can perform all of the different aspects of the cleaning process and will be able to give you the best results.

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